In an effort to fight against systemic racism and the financial burden our community is facing as a result of this pandemic, we need to redistribute wealth to help our most affected neighbors. Please help us provide the necessary assistance of groceries, supplies, etc. to our Gowanus community members by contributing to our fund below.

We appreciate your support and solidarity.

Set up a recurring donation or make a one-time contribution on the Gowanus Mutual Aid Open Collective page and view our current budget.

Contribute to the Gowanus Mutual Aid GoFundMe if you can on a one-time or ad hoc basis.

Purchase Gowanus Mutual Aid merchandise to support our programs.

If you are a local business or organization that is interested in helping us fundraise for the group, feel free to email or call us. If you are an individual who would like to also help out and assist in fundraising, please fill out the Give and Get Help Form to express your interest.